Peter Chung Chieh

Paper record indicates that I was born March 13, 1939, but I think I was born a couple years before that. I was born in a montainous village in Mauming, Guangdong, China. At that time, my family used the Lunar Calendar. I really do not know which year in wich I was born because I left home when I was only a child. 

I became a child solder due to wide spread famine and wars in China. Somehow, I ended up in Taiwan In 1950. The Commander in Chief of the Army, General Sun Li-jen, gathered all the child soldiers in the National Army and placed us in the Youth Regiment (幼年兵总队).  He tried to educate us while giving us the military training. 

In 1953, Chiang Kai-shek disband the Youth Regiment. Chiang's son Chiang Ching-guo took the children under 15 from the Youth Regiment and sent them to his own Political School (政工干校). The older ones were trained to be drivers by the Defense Ministry, which was also under Chiang Ching-guo's control. General Sun Li-jen felt very disappointed, and he adopted five (5) of us and sent us to normal school using his private money. I was under 15 at the time, and I begin at grade six in Chengzheng School (诚正学校), which was established by Sun Li-jen to educate children of the army officers. Because the disbandment was against will of the Commander in Chief of the Army, I began to worry about the future of General Sun Li-jen. 

My Education

1963 B. Sc., Chemistry, National Taiwan University (台湾大学化学系)

1965 M. Sc. Nuclear Science Research Institute, National Tsinghua University (清华大学原子科学研究所)

1965-1966 Research Fellow, National Tsinghua University, as a service in the Army.

1969 Ph. D. Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancounver, British Columbia, Canada

1969-1979 Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

My Teaching Career

1970 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
1970 -2004  Gong through Assistant, Associate and Full Professor ranks during the 34 years at the University of Waterloo till retirement in 2004. 

During the 34 years, I have taught first year chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganice chemistry, solid-state chemistry, nuclear science and nuclear technology. I have also taught calculous, algebra, and computer sciences.

Retired 2004, but I am still well and start a new life to become a Professor Emeritus 


  • Peter Chung Chieh