Welcome to My Cyberspace

When the Chemistry Department wished me best after retirement, ex-dean W.B. Pearson who is also a close personal friend said: "Peter, Congrat. You have survived!" Indeed, I no longer had to worry about surviving in my job or fighting in the job market. Thus, my interest widened from natural sciences to humanity sciences, health sciences, aging sciences and other aspect of life. Some aspect of life can be in the cyberspace.

While teaching and doing research, I designed and wrote websites for the courses that I taught. I made up cyberspace Chemistry (CaCt) on the Science Computers at the University of Waterloo from scratch coding with html. These websites will be removed in the not too distant future when the technology changes of the Science Faculty. When I began this task, I called the system Computer Assisted Chemistry Tutorial (CACT). The name was shortened to CaCt when the Internet became popular. Since I am retired, their usefulness dwindled.  

My research activities were also written up in cyberspace. Webpages led to exchanges of information and ideas. Thus, I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. Often, I thought life in cyberspace was interesting because it kept my mind busy. 

After retirement in 2004, I have written stories of my adopt father General Sun Li-jen (孙立人) using Google sites. I have also written the history of General Sun Li-jen and the Chinese Expedition Force on Sina blog of China using the Chinese language. General Sun led the Chinese Expedition Forces in India and Burma fighting the Japanese in coorperation with General Joseph Stilwell, and thus General Sun was known internatinoally. These scholarly activities not only provide contents for scholars and the general public, they promote the exchange of information and ideas in the study of history. I now begin to organize these stories in UWaterloo Scholar Site to stimulate further discussion of contemporary Chinese history. The discussion will help me in my research and writing.

In addition, I welcome discussion on health, aging, life, workout, and leisure living. I will write articles in these areas from time to time.