April 2023

Educational Research for Enhancing Assessment Practices

Guest blog post by Nikolas Zelem, nzelem@uwaterloo.ca 

My name is Nikolas Zelem, I’m a third-year student in the Honours Physics program here at the University of Waterloo. I’ve spent the last four months working with Diana as an Educational Research Assistant. Most of my time was spent working on tasks for the Enhancing Assessment Practices (EAP) project. I reviewed Faculty of Math course syllabi and co-conducted a survey of Faculty of Math students regarding assessments. Both tasks were in service of a larger goal, creating a webpage for the EAP project....

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[TDF Recap] Motivating Students

Guest post by Sean Speziale, Math Undergrad Group (sspeziale@uwaterloo.ca)

As I look upon the sleepy faces of my students, I try to remind myself that it’s 4:15 in the afternoon and week 12 of the term, to reassure myself that it’s not me or calculus that’s boring.  Nevertheless I cannot help to think of what might motivate these students to embrace this opportunity for learning.  It brought me back to July 2022 and the McMaster Conference on Education and Cognition (EdCog).  There I attended a workshop led by Veronica Yan entitled Motivating...

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