Image of Abid Hussain profile

Abid Hussain

Tenure-track Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University


Research interest

His research interests lay at the interface of microbiology and engineering, and are multidisciplinary...

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Image of Yo Hou

Yu Hou

Ph.D student at University of Guelph, 2014-Present
*Previous position*
MASc student, 2011-2013


Research topic

Study of the anaerobic methane oxidation coupled to nitrate denitrification



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Image of Mohammed A. Galib

Mohammed A. Galib

Engineer at Environmental and Power solution INC., 2015-Present
*Previous position*
MASc student, 2011-2014


Research topic

Optimization of a submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) for meat processing wastewater treatment...

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Image of Bipro Dhar

Bipro Dhar

Tenure-track assistant Professor at Civil & environmental engineering in University of Alberta, 2016-Present


Research topic

Characterization of extracellular electron transfer (EET) in microbial electrochemical cells


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Image of Dan Cui

Dan Cui

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Technical University of Beijing


Research topic

Synthesis of high value-added products using biocathode in microbial electrochemical cells


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