PLAN 474/674: Special Topics - Indigenous Peoples and Community Planning





The planning profession is currently reconsidering its relationship with Indigenous peoples, as it seeks to respond to increased recognition of Indigenous rights, to the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and to the political efforts of Indigenous communities themselves as they seek to reclaim and reassert their own planning traditions. This course aims to better prepare students for this challenging area of professional practice by delving into the small but rapidly expanding body of scholarly and practical work on planning with Indigenous peoples. It uses conceptual readings and contemporary case studies from a range of settler-colonial contexts to critically examine how community planning initiatives in both urban and rural contexts relate to the aspirations of Indigenous peoples. These readings will be supplemented with various policy statements and guides to develop students’ understanding of the changing legal and political context for municipal and provincial planning with Indigenous peoples. The course also explores the possibilities for Indigenist planning, or planning that is grounded in the voices, knowledges and lived experiences of Indigenous peoples.

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