Group Members

Nazanin Asadi (Postdoc) Sea Ice forecasting using deep learning

Siva Prasad (Postdoc) Lake Ice modelling using ROMS and the MITgcm

Nastaran Saberi (Postdoc) Data driven lake ice/water retrieval

Armina Soleyami (PhD student, SYDE) Passive microwave data/sea ice concentration

Graham Stonebridge (PhD student, SYDE) Data-driven approaches in hydrologic modeling

Andrew Grace (PhD student/AMATH) High-resolution simulations of ice cover on Lake Erie

Daniel Sola (MASc student, SYDE) Computer vision/Object detection

Ray Valencia (MASc student, SYDE) Computer vision/TBD

John Lyne (MASc student, SYDE) Deep learning/turbulence

Previous Students

Amir Atoufi (PhD student, SYDE/AMATH) Stably stratified boundary layers

Nazanin Asadi (PhD student, SYDE) Data-driven regularization and uncertainty estimation to improve sea ice data assimilation

Lei Wang (PhD student, SYDE) Convolutional Neural Networks for sea ice concentration retrievals from SAR

Anmol Nagi (MASc student/SYDE) Marginal ice zone feature detection in SAR imagery

Keerthijan Radhakrishnan (MASc student/SYDE) Passive microwave and SAR based sea ice concentration retrieval

Yukun Zhao (MMath student/AMATH) LANS-alpha modeling of a gravity current

Sarah Walsh (MMath student/AMATH) Comparison of ice models for lake ice simulations

Graham Stonebridge (MASc) Diagonal Approximations to the Observation Error Covariance Matrix in Sea Ice Thickness Data Assimilation

Harveen Janjua (MASc) Fusion of ice thickness from passive microwave data and ice ocean model for improved estimation