Course News (ECE 657A W20)

  • Dec 21, 2019 - Course Registration - For those you could not register and have emailed, I have your contact info and situation. Course registration is closed on Quest, from now on you will need a permission number from the ECE office. No additional spaces will be added to the course since the room is full. If you still hope to take the course then be sure to do the following 
    • For the first two or three classes, come to class
    • Be sure you have sent Prof. Crowley an email with the following information
      • subject : ECE 657 Registration
      • content contains:
        • your name as it appears in quest
        • your student number
        • what department you are in
        • what degree you are pursuing (PhD, MASc, MEng, ....)
      • If you have already sent me an email with this information then you do not need to send it again.
    • If spots become available in the new term as people drop (they usually do) then we will contact students to check if they are still interested and provide permission numbers.

TL;DR - there's nothing you can do for now :)

So...enjoy the break, eat some food and rest so you're ready for a term of hard, but exciting work! 

Prof. Crowley