Graduate Students

Amir Atoufi (PhD, Joint Applied Mathematics and Systems Design Engineering, co-supervised with Andrea Scott)
Direct and large eddy simulation of stably stratified boundary layers

Luke Fitzpatrick (MMath, Computational Math)
Sub-grid turbulence models in large-scale atmospheric simulations

Kwan Lai (MMath, 2018; PhD)
Large eddy simulation of convective systems

Jesse Legaspi (MMath, 2019; PhD)
Direct numerical simulations of stratified turbulence

Dinesh Siewnarine (MMath)
Stratified turbulence patches

Joshua Thompson (MMath)
Energy spectra in limited area domains

Kimberly Mitchell (MASc, 2019, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, co-supervised with Fue-Sang Lien)
Atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides following small modular reactor accidents

Laura Chandler (MMath, 2018)
Numerical modelling of wind storms in the lower Great Lakes

Matthew Ambacher (MMath, 2017)
Normal mode wave-vortex decompositions of mesoscale simulations

Sina Khani (PhD, 2015)
Large eddy simulations and subgrid scale motions in stratified turbulence

Eric Bembenek (MMath, 2014, co-supervised with F. Poulin)
Realizing surface driven flows in the primitive equations

James Sandham (MMath, 2014)
Spectral energy balance in convective boundary layers

Karthik Velakur (MMath, 2014, Computational Mathematics)
Direct numerical simulation of breaking of standing internal waves

Luke Bovard (MMath, 2013)
Short-wave vortex instabilities in stratified flow

Nancy Soontiens (PhD, 2013, co-supervised with M. Stastna)
Stratified flow over topography: Steady nonlinear waves, boundary layer instabilities, and crater topography

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Nicholas Richardson (2019)
Aliasing in turbulence simulations

Sarah Muth (2018-2019)
Visualization of atmospheric model output

Christopher Lang (2016, 2018)
Analysis of isotropy in turbulence simulation data

Joshua Thompson (2016)
Modelling surface fluxes in cloud-resolving simulations

Shouzhen Gu (2015)
Predictability of rotating stratified turbulence

Dinesh Siewnarine (2015)
Identifying waves and vortices in atmospheric simulations

Divya Lala (2014, co-supervised with M. Stastna)
Particle dynamics in stratified flow

Wesley Grieg (2011, co-supervised with F. Poulin)
Shallow water energy spectra

Eric Bembenek (2010)
Triad interactions of waves and vortices