Invited Talks & Seminars

Emelko MB, Stone M, Müller KM, Silins U, Skwaruk J, Shardlow T, Emmerton CA, Cooke C, Schmidt PJ, 2021. Drinking Water Treatment after Severe Wildfire at the Large Basin Scale: Insights, Challenges, and Successes. AWWA Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE'21), In person & Online San Diego, CA, USA, June 15 [VS2_18 Wildfire Impacts on Treatment and Distribution Systems].

Emelko MB, Stone M, Müller KM, Silins U, Schmidt PJ, Skwaruk JS, Shardlow T, Emmerton CA, Cooke C, Schmidt PJ, 2020. Water Quality & Treatability after Severe Wildfire: Planning for Water Supply & Treatment ResilienceAfter the Flames: Post-fire Water Quality Impacts & Mitigation, Coalitions & Collaboratives, Colorado, USA, December 3.

Schmidt PJ, Chik AHS, Emelko MB, 2019. Avoid bias: A Zero by Any Other Name is Still a Zero. USDA-Agricultural Research Service Invited Seminar, Marshfield, WI, USA.


Chik AHS, Schmidt PJ, Emelko MB, 2018. Avoid Bias: A Zero by Any Other Name Is Still a Zero. Ontario Ministry of Environment, Conservation & Parks Invited Seminar, Toronto, ON, Canada.


Schmidt PJ, 2014. Implications of Structural Non-Identifiability upon Current Knowledge about Norovirus Dose-ResponseBiomathematics and Biostatistics Seminar Series, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada.

Schmidt PJ, 2013. Bayesian Probabilistic Modelling: A Framework to Quantify the Unknown and UnseenJoint Meeting of the Health Canada Food Safety Health Risk Assessment Consortium and the Public Health Agency of Canada Steering Group, Ottawa, ON, Canada.