Research Group Members

Richard Kelly

Current and New

  • Qinghuan Li (Post Doctoral Fellow.) - Passive microwave remote sensing of snow using AMSR2 observations.
  • Aaron Thompson (Ph.D.) - Thesis topic: Radar remote sensing signatures of snow-covered landscapes.
  • Vicky Vanthof (Ph.D.) - Thesis topic: Satellite remote sensing of rainwater harvesting.
  • Margot Flemming (Ph.D.) - Thesis topic: Multi-resolution satellite observations of snow.
  • Mieszko Fydrych (M.Sc.) - Thesis topic: Mapping land cover disturbance with InSAR.
  • Julia Predusca (M.Sc.) - Thesis topic: multi-sensor mapping of hydrologic environments.
  • Wei Wang (M.Sc.) - Thesis topic: Radar remote sensing of snow.
  • Xuejun Liu (MES) - Thesis topic: Impact of land cover change on seasonal snow trends in Canada.
  • John Maclean (MES) - MRP research: scanning laser/lidar observations of snow.
  • Jason Goetz (at University of Jena, Germany, supervisor: A. Brenning) (Ph.D.) - Thesis topic: UAV observations of snow in European alpine areas.


  • Margot Flemming (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Downscaling Coarse Resolution Satellite Passive Microwave SWE Estimates.
  • Michael Allchin (at UNBC, supervisor: S. Dery) (Ph.D.) - Thesis title: A Spatio-temporal analysis of trends in Northern Hemisphere Seasonal Snow-cover, 1971-2017.
  • Paul Donchenko (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Evaluating Aerial Ku-Band Radar Altimetry over Landfast First-Year Sea Ice.
  • Qinghuan Li (Ph.D.) - Thesis title: The influence of winter time boreal forest tree transmissivity on tree emission and passive microwave snow observations.
  • Nastaran Saberi (Ph.D.) - Thesis title: Snow Properties Retrieval Using Passive Microwave Observations.
  • Vicky Vanthof (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Monitoring Rainwater Harvesting Systems in India Using Satellite Remote Sensing Observations. Current position: PhD student.
  • Hongjing Chen (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Wet Snow Mapping in Southern Ontario with Sentinel-1A Observations. Current position: consultant.
  • Jeff Chan (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Monitoring ice-dammed glacier lake outburst floods in the Karakoram using visible-infrared satellite remote sensing observations.
    Current position: Consultant
  • Aaron Thompson (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Observations of moderate to deep seasonal snow in agricultural fields with a radar scatterometer at Ku- and X-band frequencies.
    Current position: PhD student, University of Waterloo
  • Jessie Tan (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Monitoring soil moisture and freeze/thaw state using C-band imaging radar.
  • Qinghuan Li (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Exploring the use of MODIS forest transmissivity for correcting passive microwave observation of snow-covered terrain/landscape.
  • Mike Brady (co-supervised with C. Derksen, Environment Canada) (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Changes in sea ice motion and exchange in the Beaufort Sea: 1997-2012.
    Current position: Research assistant, Environment Canada
  • Andrew Kasurak (Ph.D.) - Thesis topic: Active & passive microwave remote sensing of seasonal terrestrial snow.
  • John Coughlin (M.Sc.) - Thesis topic: Radar remote sensing of snow in forest canopies.
  • Xiao Xu (co-supervised with P. Parker) (Ph.D.) - Thesis title: Exploring the use of remote sensing CO2 data to measure the CO2 concentration enhancements caused by coal-fired power plants.
    Current position: Consultant
  • Josh King (Ph.D.) - Thesis title: Remote sensing of tundra snow with Ku- and X-band radar.
    Current position: Research Scientist, Environment Canada
  • Niina Luus (Ph.D.) - Thesis title: Improving estimates of net ecosystem CO2 exchange between the Arctic land surface and the atmosphere.
    Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Germany
  • Ryan Ahola (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Parameterization and implementation of a soil radar backscatter model with applicability to radar observations of a sub-Arctic environment.
    Current position: Radar specialist, DFO, Canada.
  • Antony Mascioli (M.E.S.) - Thesis topic: Geomatics.
    Current position: Consultant, Blue Heron Environmental
  • Michael Neilly (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Multiscale modelling of snow depth over an agricultural field in a small catchment in southern Ontario, Canada.
    Current position: Vice president, Caledon Hills Cycling and Nordic Centre
  • Jason Oldham (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Mapping snow pack depth in the town of Uxbridge, Ontario, using and airborne laser scanner.
    Current position: System product manager, Optech Inc.
  • Alec Casey (M.Sc.) - Thesis title: Dual-polarization (HH/HV) RADARSAT-2 ScanSAR observations of new, young and first-year sea ice.
    Current position: Ph.D. candidate, University of Alberta
  • Zhenhao Bao (Postdoctoral Fellow) - Thesis topic: Snow cover extent and snow mass climatologies in Canada.
    Current position: Research associate, University of Regina
  • Niina Luus (M.E.S.) - Thesis topic: Modelling NPP in arctic terrain using remote sensing data.
  • Andrew Kasurak (M.E.S.) - Thesis topic: Geostatistical modelling of snow in the Yukon.
  • Kanya Taruvinga (M.E.S. 2009) - Thesis title: Remote sensing of gulley erosion in the Blood River catchment, South Africa.
  • Holly Waite (M.E.S. 2009) - Thesis title: Remote sensing of land cover change in the Niagara Escarpment.
    Current position: Source water protection planner, County of Oxford