Here is a list of courses that I have successfully completed at the University of Waterloo: 

1) ECE 606: Algorithms and Data Structures. Professor: Mark Crowley

2)  ECE 650: Methods and Tools for Software Engineering. Professor: Paul Ward 

3) ECE 651: Foundations of Software Engineering. Professor: Werner Dietl 

4) ECE 657A: Data and Knowledge Modelling and Analysis. Professor: Mark Crowley

5) ECE 613: Image Processing and Visual Communication. Professor: Zhou Wang

6) ECE 656: Database Systems. Professor: Paul Ward 

7) ECE 700T07: Game Theory with Engineering Applications. Professor: Seyed Majid Zahedi 

8) STAT 946: Deep Learning. Professor: Ali Ghodsi

9) ECE 750T35: Social Robotics. Professor: Kerstin Dautenhahn

Before joining the University of Waterloo, I did a Bachelor's in Geomatics Engineering. During this time, I took a series of courses reflected in the syllabus here