ECE 656 - Winter 2016

ECE 656 - Database Systems


Dr. Paul A. S. Ward: Email:


This course covers data models, file systems, database system architectures, query languages, integrity and security and database design. Students attending this course should have at least a 4A level Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering background.


Graduate standing in the ECE department at Waterloo. It is expected that those taking this course have basic exposure to programming using Java or C/C++, and some scripting language (e.g., Perl), but no prior knowledge of SQL or databases.


Assignments: 30%, Project: 20%, Final exam: 50%.


There will be several assignments (at least three, and likely four) which must be completely individually.


The project will require both database literature review and implementation work. Detailed requirements for the project will be given by the end of January. Projects may be done individually or in groups of two.


Henry F. Korth, Abraham Silberschatz and S. Sudershan: Database System Concepts, 6th Edition, McGraw Hill. (other editions may suffice, but references in the notes will be to the 6th edition)


Various conference and journal papers; various online sources.