Student in electrical lab

Research in the department is at the cutting-edge of technological innovations and encompasses all major areas of electrical and computer engineering. It is led by our faculty members who are internationally recognized for their expertise and holders of many prestigious awards (E. W. R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, IEEE Fellowships, Royal Society Fellowships, etc.) and research chairs. Our research funding, which has grown substantially over the recent years, is primarily from the Government of Canada (NSERC, Canada Fund for Innovation, etc.) and from the Government of Ontario. In addition, we also sustain strong collaborative research activities with industry and the private sector.

You can search for faculty by research areas. Most of our faculty are listed in more than one research area.


The department has unique, world-class research facilities that enable leading-edge research in many areas. These facilities provide an excellent opportunity for our graduate students to be trained and gain valuable experience.

Ongoing building projects and renovations are providing the department with more space and updated facilities. This has a tremendous impact on our faculty and graduate students who now enjoy excellent research laboratories and office space.

Our department also has an exceptional computing environment intended to enhance the educational experience of our students and to provide outstanding opportunities for corporate partnerships.

Research Laboratories/Groups

The department has a large number of research laboratories/groups. These laboratories/groups are specialized in specific research areas.