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The faculty and staff in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering (ECE) care for the health and well-being of our undergraduate and graduate students. We believe achieving a state of well-being is an ongoing process which includes actively pursuing resources and making choices to promote physical and mental health.

Resources are available to students both within our department and campus-wide. 

Need to speak to someone? Reach out to ECE's Student Wellness Coordinator:

Kora Sevo

Kora Sevo

Student Wellness Coordinator

Email: ksevo@uwaterloo.ca

Phone: 519-888-4567 x42107

Location:E7 4322

How can the Student Wellness Coordinator help:

  • Advocate for student interests with the Department's leadership team.
  • Provide support for students in meeting demands related to their academic programs.
  • Respond to student mental health concerns and refer to mental health professionals on and off campus as appropriate
  • Assist students who are experiencing difficulties and who may require accommodations or non-standard arrangements.   

Student wellness resources

Need to talk to someone? We are here to support you.