Undergraduate course enrolment - Spring 2024

Enrolment issues:

Last updated: 21 March 2024

Common error messages

How do I add/drop/swap a class?

Step-by-step instructions are available to help you add, swap or drop courses. It's also helpful to use the Schedule of Classes to see more details about the course you're trying to add as it may help explain errors you might be getting. Please note that ECE students cannot drop core courses.

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I didn't get a course I chose during course selection

Course selection is a wish list and there are a number of reasons you might not have gotten enrolled: more demand than space in the course, not meeting the reserve or time conflicts, priority to students in that program/major etc. We've included some tips regarding common errors.

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Adding ECE 452 and/or 457A 

ECE 452 and ECE 457A both have waiting lists as demand for the course was more than the capacity of the course. Students who course selected this course and were not successfully enrolled were automatically placed on the waiting list. These students have been contacted by email. For anyone else who wants ECE 452 and/or ECE 457A for Spring 2024, you can add yourself to the waiting list here. 

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Adding courses as a non-ECE Engineering student

For courses where you don't meet the prerequisites and therefore cannot add it in Quest, we will consider enrolment for students from other Engineering programs beginning April 4, 2024. You can request enrolment by contacting our advising team. We will not override class size so please don't contact us if the class is full in the Schedule of Classes.

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Adding courses as a student from another faculty

ECE Undergraduate Office will consider enrolment from students from other faculties beginning on April 12. To request access to an ECE course, please contact our advising team. 

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Adding courses as an exchange student

Please contact your faculty exchange representative as all requests go through them:

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What do I do if I get prerequisites not met error?

The undergraduate calendar lists the prerequisites that you must meet to be able to enrol in a course. Some examples include:

  • Having passed a course, sometimes with a particular grade,
  • Being in a minimum academic term (eg 3A),
  • Being in a specific program.

Prerequisites exist to ensure you have appropriate background to be able to be successful in the course, or because the course is only open to students in that specific program. If you think you have the background to be successful in a course and want an override, you should contact the instructor of the course. You can ask your home advisor for the instructor’s contact information.

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What do I do if I get a class full error?

A class full error means there are no available spots in the course. You will need to wait for someone to drop the course as we will not override class capacity. You should consider taking another course. You can watch the Schedule of Classes to help you see changes (note that it is updated hourly).

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What do I do if I get an 'available seats are reserved' error?

A reserved seats error means that the academic unit has set aside a certain amount of seats for students who meet certain characteristics (in a certain program or a certain level). You can see specifics about the reserve in the Schedule of Classes. Many (but not all) reserves will be removed on May 13, 2024.

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What do I do if I get a 'department consent required' error?

A department consent error means that permission needs to be obtained from the academic unit that is running the course. Web pages exist to help you with access to courses in the Faculty of Arts, Mathematics, Science.

For all other Engineering courses, contact the advisor in the appropriate area:

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What do I do if I get a time conflict error?

A time conflict error means you are trying to add a course that conflicts with the component(s) of another course you are already enrolled in. You can contact the instructor to see if they would be willing to provide a time conflict override. Please CC the advising team to coordinate this process more effectively. Please make sure to include your Waterloo student ID number

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What do I do if I get a maximum unit load error?

If you are on a work term and you want to add a second academic course, you will need to ask your work term supervisor to email the advising team with their permission for you to take two courses on a work term. Please make sure to give your supervisor your Waterloo student ID number so we can find your record.

If you're trying to add a course and you're getting this error and the above doesn't apply then please email the advising team. Please make sure to include your Waterloo student ID number

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What do I do if I want to add a CS course?

Computer Science (CS) has special rules for Engineering students wanting to add CS courses. Please review the information and note that you won't be able to add the course until May 13, at the earliest. If you have further questions after reviewing the information at the previous link, please contact the CS advising team. 

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