How do I drop classes?

If you're an undergraduate student, you can't drop your last class from your schedule. That is, if you only have one class on your schedule and you want to drop it, you'll have to complete an undergraduate notice of withdrawal form and submit it to the Registrar's Office so that you can be withdrawn from your course.

Exception: If you're on a co-op work term and you want to drop your last or only class from your schedule, you'll have to complete a course override form and submit it to the Registrar's Office to drop the class for you or send an email to asking that the course be dropped from your schedule.

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Click Enroll.
    student's student center academics tab with arrow pointing to enroll link
  3. Click drop.
    my class schedule tab under the enroll tab with arrow pointing towards the drop tab
  4. Select the term and then click CONTINUE.
    drop classes term selection step 1/3 with example term fall 2011
  5. Select the course you want to drop and then click DROP SELECTED CLASSES.
    class selection with example class selected and arrow pointing towards drop selected class
  6. Confirm your selection. Click FINISH DROPPING to process your drop request. To exit without dropping this class, click CANCEL.
    drop classes selection confirmation page with arrow pointing towards finish dropping
  7. View the results of your enrollment request. If you have errors, click Fix Errors to make changes to your request. If you desire to see your class schedule, click MY CLASS SCHEDULE.
    drop classes view results with successful class dropped message
  8. If you've clicked MY CLASS SCHEDULE in 7. above, your revised schedule for the term is displayed. Note that the dropped course no longer appears.

    Note: If you drop a course after the drop deadline date, "Enrolled" will appear under the Status column and a "WD" or "WF" will appear under the Grade column.example class schedule after dropping class
  9. Click Student Center or sign out of the system by clicking Sign system top navigation menu