Positions available

Funded research positions are available for masters and PhD students. Send your resume and a statement of interest and qualifications that is directly relevant to one of the open topic areas:

Research topics (updated April 2019)

  • Responsible sourcing of raw materials like steel, aluminum, copper and tungsten, including supply chain analysis and management systems standards. See for example my early article.

  • Smelter database will use methods like materials flow analysis, business analytics and metallurgical engineering knowledge to characterize metal processing, recycling capacity, and business capability to support the circular economy. (Chinese language desireable.)

  • Healthcare sustainability, including life cycle assessment of waste, medical devices and disposables -- with the aim of improving the sustainability of this huge and impactful industry.

The Master of Environmental Studies (MES) in Sustainability Management is a full-time program with six courses and a thesis. Pursued on a year-round basis, the degree is typically completed in 5 to 6 terms (2-years).

  • Domestics master’s receive approximately $27,800 across the two years of study, based on contributions by the student made to undergraduate teaching and professor research.
  • A very limited number of international scholarship opportunities. Details are provided here: https://uwaterloo.ca/environment/graduate/funding-and-opportunities.

The available PhD position in Sustainability Management is regrettably limited to domestic (Canadian or PR) students. The doctoral degree description is provided here. The PhD typically takes four years, and requires two courses, a comprehensive examination, professional development seminars and a research thesis.

Fees are posted at https://uwaterloo.ca/finance/student-financial-services/tuition-fee-schedules

NOTE: Unless an international student is truly exceptional, it is unlikely they will be accepted.