Funding for International Doctoral Students


Minimum funding

All full-time doctoral students in good academic standing are guaranteed a set amount per year. This amount is provided through a variety of sources including Waterloo awards, employment, and external awards. Effective May 1, 2023, the minimum funding for doctoral students in good academic standing is $25,000 per year. More information about minimum funding is listed on the GSPA website.The majority of funding is covered by the supervisor. If you have a potential supervisor, you may wish to connect with them to confirm if funding is available.

2022 Dean's Doctoral Initiative

The Faculty has 10 funded doctoral opportunities for International students, that guarantee a funding offer of $101,004 ($25,000 , $25,000, $25,500, and $26,000) over four years. 

In addition, to attract top applicants:

  • 10 Entrance Awards, worth $5,000 will be awarded to up to 10 PhD students, based on eligibility and merit, who apply to one of our doctoral programs by February 1, 2023 (paid in two instalments in the first year). 
  • Travel support to present at an approved academic conference (valued at $1,500)
  • In some cases, research supervisors will provide additional funding.

Eligibility: Open to international students (those studying in Canada on a study permit) enrolled in a doctoral program full-time who apply before February 1, 2023. 10 doctoral students will be selected based on merit and academics. 

International Doctoral Student Award (IDSA)

Eligible international student pursuing a doctoral degree will be automatically awarded an International Doctoral Student Award (IDSA). More information on the IDSA can be found here.

Eligibility: Open to international students (those studying in Canada on a study permit) enrolled in a doctoral program full-time. More selection criteria available on the IDSA website.

Waterloo awards and scholarships

The University of Waterloo has over 100 awards and funding opportunities for students in the Faculty of Environment. Some awards require an application, while others are awarded through Faculty/Department selection. The full database of awards and scholarships can be found on the GSPA website.

Notable awards that you may be eligible for include:

External funding

External awards are offered by federal and provincial agencies, foundations or private companies, some of which are available to international students. Full details are available here.

If you are successful in being awarded the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Waterloo is pleased to provide you the President’s Graduate Scholarship (PGS). Full details on the PGS are available here.

Other useful links

Questions regarding funding can be directed to:

Peter Deadman
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies
EV3-4227 ext. 43111