Tuition fee estimates

Using the Tuition Fee Estimator

The Tuition Fee Estimator provides you with a rounded estimate of  the total amount that will be charged to your tuition account at University of Waterloo - tuition, and incidental fees, and if applicable, an estimate of the cost of residence and meal plan for the first term.

You can use the Tuition Fee Estimator to,

  • generate an estimate of tuition and incidental fees to support your international study permit application. If your study permit application requires you to provide proof that you have already made a payment to cover your tuition for the first year of your program
    • you can use the estimate to arrange your payment of the estimated tuition fees and then submit a copy of your offer letter, your estimate and your payment receipt with your study permit application
    • you can use  your estimate letter along with a copy of your offer letter showing that the graduate funding you will receive fully covers your estimated tuition fees, to apply for your study permit
  • compare overall costs of various programs
  • make personal financial plans to fund your education

To review other expenses that may be associated with your academic career at Waterloo (off-campus housing, groceries, textbooks, equipment, supplies, etc.) you can refer to funding graduate school or funding undergraduate studies.

The Tuition Fee Estimator provides an estimate based on the period of time you have selected in the form. Additional detailed breakdown of the estimate amount is not available. You can review our current Fee Schedules for more information on the components of your estimate.

The Tuition Fee Estimator is based on the most recent tuition rates approved by the Board of Governors (2022/2023) and assumes you are beginning your degree program in the fall 2022 term. If you are required to complete a preliminary English language training program (BASE, iBASE, EFAS, iEFAS) before entering your degree program, please be aware that

  • your estimate will not include the cost of the terms you are in the English language training program
  • the actual cost of your degree program will be based on tuition fees in effect for the term you actually begin the degree program and will be higher than the estimate you generate now

After completing the Tuition Fee Estimator form, you can review a summary estimate and then choose to have a copy of the estimate in PDF delivered to your email inbox. The email accompanying your PDF estimate will outline instructions for generating a receipt for your payment.