My research is primarily in the field of security studies, and touches on national security, pedagogy, and gender and popular culture. Most recently, I edited a book about Heroism and Global Politics with Dr. Jennifer Mathers and am studying how police officers are taught about national security and counter-terrorism with Dr. Adam Molnar.

Where available, open-source copies of my publications or pre-publication drafts are available at UWSpace.


Kitchen, Veronica and Jennifer Mathers, editors. Heroism in Global Politics. Routledge, 2018. 

Kitchen, Veronica M. 2010. The Globalization of NATO: Intervention, Security and Identity (New York: Routledge).

Articles in Referred Journals

Kitchen, Veronica. "Veterans and military masculinity in popular romance fiction." Critical Military Studies (2016): 1-18. 

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Kitchen, Veronica M. 2001/2002. “From Rhetoric to Reality: Canada, the United States, and the Ottawa Process to Ban Landmines” International Journal 57(1), 37-55. Winner of the 2001 Marvin Gelber Essay Prize.



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