Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my BSW program?

What should my academic average be to qualify for the BSW program?

The BSW programs requires a minimum 70% average for applicants with a three-year or four-year undergraduate university degree (Bachelor of Arts or equivalent)

I am a college transfer student. Will I be able to transfer credits toward my BSW degree?

No. You will need to complete an undergraduate degree before being eligible to apply to the BSW program. 

You may be able to transfer your credits to the Social Development Studies BA degree, offered at Renison.  After you complete your BA studies you would be eligible to apply to our BSW degree. For information about the Social Development Studies BA degree, please contact Jennifer Lin.

As well as a completed BA (or equivalent) undergraduate degree in the social sciences, all applicants must have completed 7 prerequisite social work courses to be eligible to apply to our post-BA BSW program.  

BSW Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements - University of Waterloo

I have a Social Service Worker Diploma? Is there a specific pathway I can take for entry into the BSW program?

Applicants to the University of Waterloo who hold a Social Service Worker diploma and who are applying to the Social Service Worker pathway to a BSW at Renison University College are eligible for conditional admission consideration to the BSW Program. This will be conditional on their completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Development Studies (SDS) with a 70% minimum GPA (including the 10 BSW pre-requisite social work courses). This constitutes a one-step pathway to the BSW degree. 

Additional details about the application process and conditional admission criteria can be found here: Social Service Worker Pathway - How to Apply

For questions about the SDS/BSW Pathway and how to apply contact:

For more information about the BSW program contact Keri Raif Sura:

I have a Bachelors Degree and have been out of school for some time. How long do I need to be out of school prior to applying to be considered for the mature student admission?

Applicants who have completed a Bachelor of Arts degree (or equivalent) four or more years prior to applying and who do not meet the minimum required 70% overall  average may be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Social Work Program upon completion of the prerequisite courses with a cumulative overall average in the courses of at least 75%. For further information contact the School of Social Work.

Is my BA degree enough to get me into the BSW program?

As well as a completed BA/BSc undergraduate degree in the social sciences, all applicants must have completed 7 prerequisite social work courses to be eligible to apply to our post-BA BSW program. Please note our BSW Admissions Requirements.

Is the BSW program offered online?

No. Effective winter 2024, the part-time BSW will be moving to a blended learning environment. Blended learning courses are primarily online but will have one or two in-person elements each semester. 

I missed the application deadline. Is it still possible to enter the BSW program if the semester has not started?

Who is my academic advisor?

How long will it take to complete the part-time program? How many practicum hours will I need to complete during the course of my BSW program?

The part-time BSW program can be completed in five semesters with proper sequencing and course selection. Students in the part-time BSW program may also choose to complete their degree in a longer amount of time, with a reduced course load, but still complete the degree within 2 years. 

You will need to complete a minimum of 720 practicum hours during your BSW program. 

I am a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo, are there any resources available to me to assist with post-graduate needs (e.g. entrance to my career, applications to post-graduate schooling, etc.)

All alumni from the University of Waterloo have access to CareerHub. This resource will assist you in taking the next steps towards planning for your future including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting in identification and articulation of skills gained through your degree
  • Assisting in career decision-making
  • Finding work
  • Applying and interviewing for jobs 
  • Resume, cover letter, and interview preparation 
  • Success at work
  • Planning, applying, and interviewing for post-graduate and professional programs

I have been accepted to the BSW program and am starting next term. When are my tuition fees due and how are they paid?

Welcome to the program! 

Tuition fees are generally due a couple weeks before each term. "Fee due dates" are listed on the Important Dates webpage provided by the University of Waterloo's Registrar's Office for the appropriate academic year. This means that you must be "Fees Arranged" by the stated due date. For more information on how to become "Fees Arranged" and pay tuition fees, please visit the How to become "Fees Arranged" webpage

I am an international student with an undergraduate degree. Will I qualify for entry into the BSW Program? Are there any English Language Requirements?

For more information regarding BSW admission requirements, visit BSW Admission Requirements 

If the answer to your query about our BSW program is not listed here, please contact: