MSW Admissions Criteria


The School of Social Work seeks to reflect a diverse student population and welcomes applications from qualified individuals of all ages, gender identities, cultural, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, and abilities.

A Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree is a mandatory entrance requirement. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE EVER CONSIDERED.


 Academic requirements for admission 

Admission to our MSW program requires a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. The structure and content of our MSW program builds on the BSW's foundation of generalist social work practice knowledge, values and skills.

This program is designed to attract practitioners with an interest in a health specialization.

In order to be considered for admission, applicants must meet ALL the following criteria:

  1. The completion of a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from an accredited Social Work program. If you are currently completing a BSW degree at time of application to our MSW program, you must have completed the BSW degree and your final results must be known by JULY 1 of year of entry into our MSW Program.  If your BSW degree is from a country other than Canada, you are required to show proof that your degree is recognized as being equivalent to a Canadian Bachelor of Social Work Degree. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE EVER CONSIDERED.
  2. Minimum 75% grade point average (GPA) in the final two years of study (equivalent to last 20 half-credit courses).
  3. Statistics and Research Methods courses: All applicants must have passed specific university-level courses in Statistics and Research Methods, as follows:


One full-credit (1.0 credits*) course in Research Methods and Statistics (Qualitative and Quantitative). This course must cover 0.5 credit of statistics and 0.5 credit of research methods, with a 'pass' mark; 


Two half-credit (0.5 credits* each) courses, one in Research Methods, the other in Statistics, both with 'pass' marks.

*Credit values are based on the University of Waterloo’s course credit system.

There is no specific minimum pass mark requirement.

Applicants will be required to list their Statistics and Research Methods courses as part of the application process.

If you have not completed these courses as part of your previous degree(s), you must still meet this requirement by enrolling into a separate Statistics course or Research Methods course. Final grades should be made available to the School of Social Work on or before July 1 in the year of entry to the MSW program.


If you don't have Statistics and/or Research Methods qualifications, Renison may be able to help! 

  • ​In order to fulfill Criteria #3 above, MSW applicants can enrol in either SDS 250R, Social Statistics or SDS251R, Social Research (or both, if required).  You can check the schedule of classes to find out when these courses are being offered.
  • If you intend to take these courses through Renison, please contact Margaret Girodat for assistance in applying to 'post-degree studies'. The deadline to apply for post-degree studies, in order to take courses in the winter term, is the end of October each year.
  • Please let Margaret know you are an MSW applicant and require this course in order to be eligible for admission to our MSW program.
  • If you are offered admission to our MSW program, it will be conditional upon the successful completion of both a Statistics and a Research Methods course. Final grades must be made available to the School of Social Work on or before July 1 in the year of entry to the MSW program.

Other Application Requirements

  1. All Applicants must be living in Canada for the duration of the program.
  2. Transcripts, References, Resume and Supplementary Information Form (SIF).
  3. English Language Proficiency Criteria


Canadian citizens with qualifications from French-speaking universities in Canada are not required to submit an English Language Proficiency (ELP) certificate. However, we are an English speaking institution and as such you need to ensure that your English speaking/comprehension skills are at a level that you would succeed in our program.

For information, please contact:

Marion Reid, Administrator & Student Services Manager
School of Social Work, Renison University College
519-884-4404, ext. 28626

For enquiries regarding admissions to the MSW program, please contact:

Marion Reid

Administrator & Student Service Manager

519-884-4404   ext. 28626