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Almassi, BenFeminist Allyship & Situated Knowledge

Anderson, DerekSemantic Externalism and Social Power Dynamics

Appavoo, DonnaRecognizing the Role of Gender and Local Food Systems in Type 2 diabetes: Nutrition Education in Rural SouthWestern Ontario

Arnaud, Sarah and Guillaume Beaulac - Explanations of ASD: A Spectrum of Disorders

Ball, KellyAdolescence, Race, and Sexuality: Implications for Feminist Developmental Psychology

Belinga, Marie-EvelinaDes philosophes féministes du XVIIe et XVIIIe siècle dans le corpus des cours au CÉGEP

Bell, Melina ConstantineSex Essentialism and American Law

Bentley, VanessaA Century of Searching for Sex/Gender Differences in the Corpus Callosum

Berenstain, NoraIntrospection, Rationality, and Resistance to Implicit Bias

Berkhout, Suze, Ami Harbin, Serife Tekinand Ada JaarsmaQuestions of Method in/and Feminist Philosophy of Science: Empirical, Material, Existential

Billingsley, AmyTechnology and Narratives of Continuity in Trans Experiences

Branch-Smith, TeresaChoose your Character: Video-Games & Gender

Brown, Matthew Jand Joyce HavstadScience-Based Policy as Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Brumble, Kimberly, Samantha Brennan, Megan Delehanty and Nicole WyattSelf, Self-Image, and the Selfie

Calvert, ScoutAnxious Naturecultures: Biosociality in Personal Genomics and Donor Sibling Registries

Clough, SharynInvestigating the Sciences of Sex

Clune-Taylor, Catherine"Most children with Sue’s condition tend to follow along with that gender”: Problematizing the use of statistical probabilities in assigning sex to infants with disorders of sex development (DSDs)

Code, LorraineThe Tyranny of Certainty

Copeland, SamanthaThe Value of Valuing Ignorance

Crasnow, SharonFeminist Science Studies: Reasoning from Cases

Crowley, Stephen, Liela Rotschy and Kathryn PlaisanceA Feminist Approach to Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Re-evaluating the Toolbox Project

Damaliamiri, Mehdi, Parya Nasr, Firouzeh Akbari and Maasoumeh AfsharLeadership, Technical Organizations and Feminism

Daukas, NancyTestimonial Injustice, Hermeneutical Power, and Stalled Social Change

Davis, EmmalonControlling Birth: Interrogating The Notion of "a Woman's Right to Choose"

Dean, MeganYou Are How You Eat: A Foucauldian Critique of Dietetics Research on Eating Disorders and Vegetarianism

Debessai, Haben Emily Dibble, Taylor Moberg and Sari M. van AndersStruggles in Progressive Science: A Feminist Case Study of Methodology of Coding Race/Ethnicity

Decoster, BarryIs Demedicalization Possible?: Metaphysical Concerns for Resistance in Healthcare

Desautels, Peggy Attempting to Create Equitable Organizations and Institutions: Backfiring, Backlash, and Retaliation

Devries, SandraHardwired for Prejudice? A Neuro-Ethical Account of Perceptual Preference

Drabek, MatthewBias and Gender Identity in the DSM

Dryden, Jane, Leslie Kern and Lisa Dawn HamiltonObjectivity and Feminist Research: A Comparative Exploration

Gavrell, SaraAre Imposed Cesareans Institutionalized Torture?

Goldenberg, MayaOn Heroes and Scoundrels: Trust and Blame in Scientific Misconduct Cases, with a Focus on the Vaccine-Autism Scandal

Gonnerman, Chad, Erik Jensen, Ken Marable, Michael O'Rourke, Ezgi Sertler and Zach PisoEpistemologies of Ignorance and Interdisciplinary Research

Grasswick, HeidiEpistemic Injustice and Responsible Trust in Science

Hankinson Nelson, LynnReflections of a (Somewhat) Older Feminist (with no apologies to Susan Haack): How Do We Move Forward in Ways That Are Likely to Make a Difference?

Harding Sandra, Laura Foster, Deboleena Roy and Banu SubramaniamMoving Beyond “Add Others and Stir?:” Feminist Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies

Henke, JenniferScience - A Girl Thing? Female Scientists in Fiction Film

Herbert, CassieSpeaking from the Margins: The Pragmatics of Pseudonyms in Peripheral Speech

Hicks, DanDo GMOs Increase Crop Yields? It Depends Who You Trust

Hundleby, CatharineFallacies in Scientific Understanding: The Case of Adaptationism and the Fallacy of Accident

Itaas, VaunellAgainst Kairos: the Quiet Revolution of Polymerase Chain Reaction

Jacobson, AnneWhy Feminist Philosophers can Love their Brains, OR: How Cognitive Neuroscience isn’t the Basic Problem, though Stereotypical Analytic Philosophers (for the most part) Are

Jackson, Jennifer Kasi, Linda Fuselier, Melissa Latimer and Rachel StoikoAcademic Gatekeeping: Feminist Epistemology in Textbooks and Tenure/Promotion

Kourany, Janet and Manuela Fernández PintoTowards a Science-Based Policy for Breast Cancer: A Taxonomy of Problems and Prospects

Kovacs, AgnesThe Philosophy of Science of Georg Lukács and How it Helps to Extend Standpoint Theory to the Physical Sciences

Lanthier, JaclynGendered Cognition and the Abolition Thereof: Rethinking Models in Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology

Lehan, VanessaReducing Stereotype Threat in Introductory Logic Classes

Liebow, Nabina"Prehomosexual Behavior”: LGBT Oppression and the Public Uptake of Scientific Research

Liebow, Nabina and Bryce HuebnerBias and Epistemic Injustice in Medical Decision Making

MacMillan, BlakeCrossfit, Five Fingers & Red Bull: The Science, Somaesthetics & Style of Athletic Skill

Malavisi, AnnaEpistemic Injustice in Global Development

Maloney, CathyLearning to Understand: International Education Programs and Intercultural Learning

Marino, PatriciaFeminist Perspectives on Rational Choice Theory and the Problem of Altruistic Preferences

McCann, CaroleScience and Mrs. Sanger: Boundary Objects of Demography

McHugh, NancyScientific Integrity and Scientific Injustice

McKinney, RachelExtracted Speech and Epistemic Injustice

Meintjes, IngridThe Biopolitics of Delirium

Michaud, JanetTransdisciplinary Collaboration and Critical Contextual Empiricism

Miller, SarahEpistemologies of Ignorance and Sexual Violence

Moosa, ShaheenResponsibility for Climate Change: The Problem of Systemic Contributors

Mudde, AnnaPatience, Bonds, and the Small Scale: Thinking with Students About Science

Murphy, Claudia Steve Lindaas, Sara Anderson, Alison Wallace, Kathryn Lucero and Whitney Oxendahl Fracking the Rez: Interdisciplinary Development of An Undergraduate Case Study

Nickoo, NajandThe Failure of Causal Accounts of Parental Obligations

Noll, SamanthaMethod, Methodology, and Diversity in Philosophy

Payongayong, Ma TheresaHer-story of a Feminist Philosop-her

Penny Light, Tracy and Diana Parry - Dark Desires: Feminism, New Media, and Women’s Consumption of Pornographic Materials

Pham, MichelleScientific Consensus

Pohlhaus, Gaile"Do we really want to ask Grandma what she thinks?"

Porter, LindseyThe Moral Significance of Gestation: Parental Rights

Przybylo, Ela, Sara Rodrigues, Veronika Novoselova and Shannon BellOozing Technologies: Toward Technology as Feminist Methodology

Rodier, KristinEmbodied Imagination, Feminist Autonomy, and the Phenomenology of Perception

Russell, CamishaRace and Assisted Reproduction in a Neo-Liberal Era

Sample, RuthResearch Under Suspicion: Three Scientific Programs at Risk for Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat

Scheman, NaomiAgainst Fantasy Physics: Toward a Relational Ontology

Schmitz, SigridThe Epigenetic Case: Opportunities, Challenges, and Resistances for Feminist Science Studies

Schueneman, BrookeKnowing Nature Responsibly: Ecological Thinking and the Trouble with Encounter

Schwartz, LauraRethinking Silence: A Critical Examination of Classroom Participation

Sewell, JamieCommercial Surrogacy and the Capabilities Approach

Shapiro, DevoraDiversity, "Objectivity," and the History of Science: Feminist Philosophy and the Evolution of Methodology

Shotwell, AlexisIntersectional Intents and Effects in Medico-Scientific Direct Action

Sisko, AdrianaGoing All the Way, And Where Is That? A Reflection on Real Sex

Sreedhar, SusanneLocke on Polygamy

Taylor, Chloë"Interspecies Rape: Sexual Ethics and Other Animals”

Tikku, RadhikaTelling Tales: Constrictive Narratives

Toye, Margaret"Poethics of Love” as Feminist Methodology in Luce Irigaray and Donna Haraway

Turrin, NatalieContext Matters: Epigenetics and the Maternal Body

Valles, Sean, Naoko Wake and Mark WaddellInclusivity and Diversity in Science Studies Curricula for Science Undergraduates in a Residential College

Valtchanov, Bronwen, Diana Parry, Troy Glover and Caitlin Mulcahy"Mom to mom”: The social support role of online advice on a social networking site for mothers

Vasko, StephanieAltmetrics: How Do We Define Impact?

Vasko, StephanieCreating Accessible Educational Materials for Nanoethics: Challenges and Opportunities

Videchak, KristaMemory, Identity, and Hermeneutical Injustice: The Roots of Enduring Injustice for Blacks

Weaver, SaraSocial Harm and Fixing Bad Science: Is Good Science Enough?

Weiss, DennisGender, Technology, and the Posthuman

Weitzenkorn, RachelObserving Biological Difference: A Meta-Analysis of the Standardization of the Female-mammal’s Receptive Mating Posture

Weller, KrisGender in the Scientific Study of Positive Mental Health

Whitten, Barbara L.Resonant Phenomenon: Mutual Mentoring for Isolated Feminists

Wieten, Sarah"Fact-based values”: Why the fact/value dichotomy plays too large of a role in critiques of “evidence-based ethics”

Willey, Angela and Sara GiordanoPlaying with (Epistemic) Power: A Workshop on Critical Scientific Literacy for Feminists

Witt, CharlotteAre Diseases Real?

Wolfe, Katharine  - Autonomy and Vulnerability in Childbirth: Learning from Women’s Experience and Midwifery Practices

Woomer, LaurenPaving the Way for a Unified Account of Ignorance

Zheng, RobinHow Philosophers Can Help: Responsibility, Causality, and Social Inequality