Science-Policy Interface: International Comparison Workshop Restaurant Recommendations

Waterloo Restaurant Recommendations

NOTE: All of these restaurants are located in the City of Waterloo and are within walking distance from the Balsillie School of International Affairs and the Waterloo Hotel.

Map of uptown waterloo restaurants

delta hotel

1. Proof Kitchen and Lounge
Upscale contemporary dining
110 Erb Street West

2. Marbles Restaurant
Rustic, casual dining
8 William Street East

3. Abe Erb
Local brewary and restaurant
15 King Street South

4. Zoup! Uptown Waterloo
Soup Shop
75 King Street South #53

5. Vincenzo's
European sandwich and specialty food supermarket
150 Caroline Street South

6. Sabletine Fine Pastries Inc.
French pastry shop
203 King Street South

7. Red House
Bistro restaurant
30 William Street West

8. The Bauer Kitchen
Bakery, bistro and bar
187 King Street South #102

9. Sole Restaurant and Wine Bar
Mediterranean casual fine dining
83 Erb Street West

10. Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
Pizza restaurant
15 King Street South

11. Death Valley's Little Brother
Espresso bar
84 King Street North

12. Beertown Public House
Bar and restaurant
75 King Street South

13. Jane Bond Cafe
Vegeatrian cafe and restaurant
5 Princess Street West

14. Symposium
Cafe, restaurant and lounge
4 King Street North

15. Taco Farm
Mexican restaurant
8 Erb Street West

16. The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro
Burger restaurant
92 King Street South

17. King Street Trio Uptown
Fine dining specializing in new Canadian cuisine
40 King Street South

18. My-Thai Restaurant
Thai restaurant
51 King Street North

19. Malsala Bay
Fine Indian cuisine restaurant
3 Regina Street North

20. Seven Shores Community Cafe
Casual cafe
10 Regina Street North

Here is an additional Waterloo map for your reference.

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