Sign Up Today for Arts 490 Winter 2022 - Water in the World: Environment, Knowledge, Ethics, and Practice

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Experience how research and insights can be put into action in this winter term's global engagement seminar on Water

Arts 490 - Water in the World: Environment, Knowledge, Ethics, and Practice poster
The office of the Global Engagement Program Coordinator office would like to invite undergraduates in their second, third or fourth year and graduates students who wish to experience how research and insights can be put into action to join the global engagement seminar (course code arts 490) in the winter 2022 offering: Water in the World: Environment, Knowledge, Ethics, and Practice. 
This interdisciplinary course offers many perspectives, point-of-engagement, and ways of knowing into water and its impacts on a global scale. Participants will be looking through a number of prisms - ecological, environmental, political and economic, societal, cultural, human rights and social justice - at how we engage - individually and collectively, locally and globally - with this most precious resource.

The program coordinators have lined up not only two instructors with exceptional expertise in the area, Dr Jennifer Liu (department of anthropology, faculty of arts) and Dr Heidi Swanson (department of biology, faculty of science) to spearhead the course, but are actively recruiting a number of renowed external experts who will be appointed as Jarislowsky fellows, and will bring their experience as researchers, activists, policy experts, critics and commentators to keen students like yourselves hoping to make a difference.

At the end of the term, students will present their collaborative projects at a public-facing summit, opened with a panel discussion from our passionate and expert group of fellows. For more information, as well as an example of student projects from last year's summit, visit the Global Engagement Seminar webpage or check out the program's promo video from last year's summit.

You can find Arts 490 here in the UW undergrad course calendar.

This course provides an overview and introduction to environmental sustainability through the lens of Indigenous entrepreneurship. Indigenous sustainability entrepreneurship can be defined by a commitment to nation building and economic development centered on Indigenous culture and ways of knowing for the protection of future generations.