Winter 2023: Energy at a Crossroads - Society, Technology, Environment, Health

Close up of a light bulb against a black background. The bulb looks like it has sparks shooting out of its centre

Few issues today are as important or as contentious as our seemingly insatiable appetite for energy and the ensuing technological, societal, environmental, medical, economic, and political consequences. These have in turn compelled societies everywhere to consider increasingly difficult choices as well as pursue creative solutions.

ARTS 450 offers students from all disciplines the chance to explore these challenges and responses through an interdisciplinary lens. Students work collaboratively across disciplines, drawing on each other’s expertise and insights as well as from our two co-instructors – Dr. Angela Carter from Political Science and Dr. Magdy Salama from Electrical and Computer Engineering. Students also have the unique opportunity to engage with our Jarislowsky Fellows, external experts chosen for their experience, insights, and leadership from the private, public, and not for profit sectors.

This course is CR/NCR and will meet weekly and in-person. The emphasis is on innovative and collaborative problem-solving, and it will culminate in the 2023 Desmarais Family Summit where students will have the opportunity to share their projects with the wider public.  

For more information, please contact Rebecca Zehr, Global Engagement Program Coordinator.