Winter 2021 course theme: Pandemic

The Global Engagement Seminar is a senior undergraduate course that brings together students from across the University with experts and mentors to develop solutions for contemporary global problems.

The Winter 2021 seminar (ARTS 490) theme is Pandemic. Third- and fourth-year students from any faculty are invited to enroll.

The course instructors are Dr. Shana MacDonald (Department of Communication Arts) and Dr. Shannon Majowicz (School of Public Health and Health Systems). Under their leadership, the Seminar will examine the theme of pandemic from multiple perspectives – from public health to media to equity issues, and more. At the end of the term, the seminar will host a public online Summit, which will feature contributions by experts and presentation of student team projects.

The Jarislowsky Fellows play a key role in the Seminar. They are distinguished individuals with records of exceptional intellectual and social leadership on matters related to the theme of the course. The 2021 Jarislowsky Fellows are Dr. Pam Palmater, Dr. Tim O'Shea, Dr. Joan Donovan, Kevin Sutton, Rebecca Rideal and Denise Balkissoon.  

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For more information, please contact Rebecca Zehr, Global Engagement Program Coordinator.

  1. Jan. 5, 2021Denise Balkissoon and Kevin Sutton to be Jarislowsky Fellows

    We are delighted to announce that Denise Balkissoon and Kevin Sutton have just been appointed as Jarislowsky Fellows for the Global Engagement Seminar 2021 course: Pandemic. They will offer mentorship and expertise as students develop their final projects.

  2. Dec. 1, 2020Rebecca Rideal to be a 2021 Jarislowsky Fellow
    Rebecca Rideal Headshot

    We are delighted to announce that Rebecca Rideal has just been appointed as the fourth Jarislowsky Fellow for the Global Engagement Seminar 2021 course: Pandemic. She will offer mentorship and expertise as students develop their final projects.

  3. Nov. 24, 2020Drs. Joan Donovan and Tim O’Shea to be 2021 Jarislowsky Fellows

    We are delighted to announce the appointment of two additional Jarislowsky Fellows for the winter term’s ARTS 490 Pandemic. Dr. Joan Donovan and Dr. Tim O’Shea will each participate in the course on separate weeks during the term, providing mentorship and expertise as students develop their final projects. 

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