2023 Summit & Student Work

Student Projects 2023

Below is an overview of the ARTS 450 student projects with live links to their work and presentations.  We encourage you to explore and engage with their work and learnings! 

Waterloo: A 15-Minute City

Waterloo: A 15-Minute City

Marniesa Vassel

Marniesa Vassel - Faculty of Health

Tia Tam

Tia Tam - Faculty of Health

Olamide Olatunbosun

Olamide Olatunbosun - Faculty of Engineering

This group created a brochure illustrating what it would look like if Waterloo became a 15-minute city, and how we could get there.  

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Page 1 of the Transforming Waterloo Brochure
Page 2 of the Transforming Waterloo Brochure

Connecting The Dots On Energy Poverty

Connecting The Dots On Energy Poverty

Tarela Okoronkwo

Tarela Okoronkwo - Faculty of Engineering

Yonael Debebe

Yonael Debebe - Faculty of Engineering

Barry Shafi

Barry Shafi - Faculty of Health

Simran Benipal

Simran Benipal - Faculty of Arts

The Connecting the Dots on Energy Poverty podcast explores the meaning and significance of the term ‘energy poverty’ with each exciting guest they interview. 

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The Issue With "Renewable" Energy Technology

The Issue With "Renewable" Energy Technology

Tatum Weicker-O'Connor

Tatum Weicker-O'Connor - Faculty of Arts

Julia Baribeau

Julia Baribeau - Faculty of Engineering

Malak Alrubaie

Malak Alrubaie - Faculty of Health

Nilusha Rattansi

Nilusha Rattansi - Faculty of Health

This Policy placemat explores strategies to create a cleaner, healthier planet. 

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2023 Desmarais Family Summit Keynote: Catherine Abreu

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Keynote Speaker

Catherine Abreu

Catherine Abreu is the Founder and Executive Director of Destination Zero and an advisor on Canada's Net-Zero Advisory Body.

She has deep roots in Canadian environmental organizations and is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the leading voices advancing climate justice and a transition from fossil fuels.