Water in the World: student course projects

Following the GES 2022 Summit, we're pleased to share the innovative projects developed by our ARTS 490 students throughout the Winter 2022 course, Water in the World: Environment, Knowledge, Ethics, and Practice.


Group members David Ballesteros, Jordan Lam, Mara Peever, Jamie Shigeishi and Thea Taylor created an interactive storymap that explores the history, importance and conservation of Ontario's Wetlands.

Waterloo Garden Calendar

"2022 is a new year--a year in which we can learn more and grow healthier as a result... and we want to do the same thing with our gardens. This calendar and its core message is to foster better land and water stewardship through education and collaboration. We added important historical, scientific, and community knowledge to this calendar to emphasize the role gardening plays in connecting us to the land and water we rely on, as well as to one another. Most of Waterloo's residents share the same climate experiences, geological history, and water source."

Check out Aman Dhindsa and Julia Baribeau's Garden Calendar.

Water as an Entity: Podcast

Group members Harisaa Selvanayagam, Suhera Hussain, Alexis Windatt and Sabina Arawindan created the "Water as an Entity" podcast. It aims to explore the possibility of achieving legal personhood for water bodies around the world.

"We navigate conversations with researchers, scientists, artists and activists to hear their thoughts on seeing water as a living entity and how that impacts their work."

Listen to the podcast.

Saving Billy's Home

Ashley Benjamin created a children's book about a sea turtle called Saving Billy's Home, with illustrations by Denise Le.

Read Saving Billy's Home (PDF)

The Commodification of Water

Hadeel Biram and Rubama Marookh Rahman created digital images to illustrate how water has been commodified. 

illustration of bottle with 'water is not a commodity' on it

illustration of tap with dollar sign dripping out of it

Illutration od evil figure holding bottle of water with dollar signs

Gendered Impacts of Water Insecurity in Sub-saharan Africa: a Ted Talk 

Satveer Dhillon created a presentation discussing the gendered impacts of water insecurity in Sub-saharan Africa.

Watch the video.

Who is Laurel Creek?

Who is Laurel Creek logo with beaver

Khashish Grover and Ruchi Hamal have created a website, tributary of Laurel Creek, to teach us more about the history of the area and to provide results from their water testing. 

Capturing hope and loss 

Madison Nichols created a photo series to highlight the relationship between people and water through the use of physically manipulated (mixed media) photographs. 
Here are a few examples of her work:
hand water picture of waterfall
overflowing water in the sun
2 faces with picture of waterfall

Ohneganos Digital Stories

Group Members Amanda Armstrong, Kyra Lam, Elise MacDonald and Priya Sayanthan are working with the Ohneganos project and Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM Academy to tell the story of the Grand River through maps.
You can view their Summit presentation.
Our Course and Research Assistant Hannah Anderson has written a reflection on the project here

Desmarais Family Summit 2022 

You can view selected footage from the 2022 Summit.
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