Pandemic: student course projects

Following the GES 2021 Summit, a public-facing exhibition of student projects, we would like to continue to show the innovative projects that our ARTS 490 class has come up with throughout the Winter 2021 course on the global pandemic. You can access a recording of the live Summit event here.

Pandemic impacts on nurses

One of the student groups is featured in UW Imprint to discuss their infographic and investigation on how the pandemic affects the mental health of nurses. Group members: Selena Bahta, Sabrina Knoop, Lea Victoria Gamas, Navjeet Kaur Ubhi, Fathima Marfath Kamoordeen, and Daniyal Syed Naumani.

Humanizing the Pandemic: podcast

Listen to a podcast on lived experiences during the pandemic brought to you by Lauren McLennan, Astha Patel, Bridget Truchon, Turga Suntharalingam and Mariah Constance Jolin. They explore international perspectives on COVID-19 through personal stories. 


Sample profile that reads

Group members Vanessa Geitz, Cassie Lai, Winky Yau and Yujin Chung have created an instagram account (@pandemicprofiles) to connect students during such an isolating time and encourage conversations about mental health. Read this article by group member Vanessa Geitz on Student Narratives During The Pandemic featuring Jarislowsky Fellows Denise Balkissoon and Rebecca Rideal.

They have also curated two playlists — one described as a playlist of music for studying, and the other playlist designed for study breaks, a mix of their favourite throwbacks and pop songs. 

You can also view their Project Summary & Suggestions (PDF).


Group members Manasvi Arora, Ridwaan Khaliif Hagi, Aza Abdirizak Hagi and Hiba Feras Aljaberi have also curated a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure. 

We can do it! (Again) a Zine

Image of text that says

Group members Nicole Riddle, Gabrielle Dimech, Tara Deboer, Sabrina Low and Aliyana Naushad Hirji have created a zine that spotlights women amidst the pandemic

Planning for the next pandemic

Group members Christopher Barclay, Aakriti Sharma, Gurbani Kaur Puri, Kate Anne Cebulski and Marika Frank have created a newsletter that investigates the COVID-19 response from various places around the world (PDF)

Living in the Pandemic: a Zine

Ling the Pandemic cover image showing overlapping illustrations of everyday life such as buildings and cars

Neha Sharma, Omi Rodney, Amanda Jane Middleton and Gabrielle McMullan have curated a zine to explore lived experiences in the pandemic.

Lived Experiences: Discovery and Mental Health

Group members Ahmedina Burazerovic, Khadeeja Farooq, Shifa Hasan, Mariam Abdalla and Amanda Didione produced a video outlining lived experiences as well as increase awareness of mental health decline during the pandemic.
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