Summit 2019 - Socio-Cultural and Political Implications of Artificial Intelligence

With more than 200 visitors over two days, the 2019 GES Program Summit was a huge success! This year's theme, Socio-Cultural and Political Implications of Artificial Intelligence, engaged the Waterloo community in important conversations about the impacts of Artificial Intelligence, such as automation of jobs, corporate ownership, biases of algorithms and privacy concerns.  

Students contributed toward the development of meaningful responses to these timely global issues with Interactive Exhibitions and Project Presentations. 

Our Program Director and Course Instructors worked together to host a Roundtable discussion and two Keynote speeches by this year's Jarislowsky Fellows, Mimi Onuoha and David Jones

A big thank you to our Guest Speakers, the 2019 Jarislowsky Fellows, Instructors and Students for your hard work in making the GES Program Summit a success!

Read the report:  "The Dichotomies of AI: Thoughts from the Global Engagement Summit on the Socio-Cultural and Political Implications of AI by Carleigh Cartmell, PhD Candidate, Balsillie School of International Affairs

Summit Opening Remarks and Roundtable 

Doug Peers, Dean of Arts, UWaterloo 

John Ravenhill, Director, Balsillie School of International Affairs

Ian Milligan and Marcel O'Gorman, GES Program Instructors

Roundtable Speakers: Mimi Onuoha, Diane Reynolds, Branka Marijan, and David Jones
Moderator: Sarah McKenzie 

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Keynote: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

David Jones, 2019 Jarislowsky Fellow

Introduction: Jasmin Habib, GES Program Director 

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Keynote: What is Missing is Still There 

Mimi Onuoha, 2019 Jarislowsky Fellow

Introduction: Jasmin Habib, GES Program Director 

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Introduction of Student Presentations

Professor Ian Milligan and Professor Marcel O'Gorman 

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Guilt, Machines, and Confession: Trust in the Digital Age

Arturo Salek, Ekaterina Durmanova, Qianshu Wang, and Thomas Storwick

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AI, will you work?

Aidan Power, Joshua Kwok, Keira Chadwick, Kristoff Malejczuk, Pat Duong, and Vanessa Krause 

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Mood: An Exploration of Emotion Detection Algorithms

Maria Cheng, Clair Hu, Steven Kong, Jaxon Lin, Kienna Shaw, and Kelly Zheng

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Explaining Bias with Music

Stephanie Rempel, Andrew Welsh, Dina Amer, Jonathan Smith

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AI: A People’s Perspective

Sydney Workman, Katherine Sebben, Viola Wang, Shuo Feng, and Rachel Hickey 

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Bias in the Black Box

Kamilah Ebrahim and Nicholas Johnston

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ArtIfact: an overview of AI policy

Jenevieve Ayuste, Zameer Bharwani, Brooklyn Lester, Christine Wright, and Austin Tripp

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Project Matthias

Joe Giuffre, Ayodeji Ige, Pia Medina, Claire Quong, Kuil Schoneveld, and Thomas Stroyan

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Closing Remarks for Student Presentations

Jarislowsky Fellows Mimi Onuoha and David Jones, Professors Ian Milligan and Marcel O'Gorman, and 2019 GES Program Class 

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