Documents for reference


Access here the relevant documents for the ongoing GLOWING project:


Background documents distributed pre- March 26, 2015 partners meeting in Kisumu, Kenya

AGENDA International Research Partnership Meeting GLOWING March 26 – 27, 2015 (uploaded March 1, 2015).

Matrix: review of wellbeing measures around the world (uploaded February 10, 2015).

Canadian Index of Wellbeing framework (uploaded February 10, 2015).

Presentations from March 26, 2015 partners meeting in Kisumu, Kenya

Susan Elliott: Introduction (uploaded April 16, 2015).

George Sikoyo: The Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) (uploaded April 16, 2015).

Julius Kamau: INTASAVE Africa (uploaded April 16, 2015).

Diana Karanja: Centre for Global Health Research, Kenya Medical Research Institute; Director, COHESU (uploaded April 16, 2015).

Corinne Schuster-Wallace: United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health (uploaded April 16, 2015).

Elijah Bisung: A review of GDP+ measures (uploaded April 16, 2015).

Susan Elliott, on behalf of Bryan Smale: Introduction to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing (uploaded April 16, 2015).