Mobile health platform for population-level health surveillance

Health professional and health technology

In Public Health, surveillance is defined as the ongoing collection, analysis and dissemination of data to improve population health. One of the main sources of data are surveys, which collect a broad range of information, from patient’s routines to health conditions and experience with healthcare services. However, traditional survey methods have several limitations, including recall and social bias, delays between data collection and reporting, and costs/logistics.

Society is moving into an age of smart technologies that monitor our health, such as mobile, wearable, and Internet of Things solutions. These technologies possess sensors that provide continuous monitoring of variables such as heart rate, temperature, movements in the house, among others. This project involves the creation of a mobile application to collect and store health data from mobile products, wearables, wireless blood pressure cuffs, among other sources. In particular, the project will first focus on collecting data from Apple Health and expand to other sources in the future.

Since a lot of the data will be gathered continuously and effortlessly, the app can minimize biases and delays while providing a cost-effective method of data collection.

Ultimately, this project will help to decrease costs and improve logistics, allowing researchers access to large and diverse participants. In addition, special attention will be paid to usability issues concerning older populations, so that they can benefit from the solution and be encouraged to keep track of their health, sustaining a healthy behaviour and lifestyle and gracefully age in place.

Last updated: March 11, 2020