Completed projects

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Data sharing ecosystem for AAL technology and the development of standards, guidelines, and certifications

UbiLab is working on a study to understand what Active/Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) or IoT for Healthcare technology companies are using as policy guidelines and standards in the creation of their products and services. Ultimately, this study will highlight the gap between what is currently available for innovators in terms of data security, privacy and encryption, and what should be developed to ensure that AAL technology is designed to ensure benefits to patients and the healthcare system through safe technologies.

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The Canadian Personalized Health Information Network (CPHIN)

Personalized care is the future of health treatment and research. Integrating health and genomic data is the key to unlocking this potential. The UbiLab and the Waterloo Health Information Systems and Technology Lab (WHISTL), in partnership with Roche Canada, are developing the Canadian Personalized Healthcare Innovation Network (CPHIN). In partnership with their physicians, CPHIN integrated data network will help patients tailor their own health decisions.

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Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge

The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge explores behavioural patterns to enable remote healthy behaviour monitoring using sensor data from smart-home technology. This project aims to enable the UbiLab Public Health Surveillance Platform (UPHSP) for population-level surveillance to monitor health behaviour.

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Evaluation of emerging technologies for environment and health applied to the Pan Canadian Monitoring and Surveillance System

In collaboration with Health Canada a report was written on the latest up-and-coming technologies in the fields of environment and health for Pan-Canadian monitoring and surveillance systems leveraging novel technologies in December 2018. The UbiLab team completed a literature review and developed unique use cases for the use of technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, environmental sensors and alert systems that combined environmental and health data, as well as included recommendations and proposed data architecture for the technologies. The completed report, Climate Change and Health: Overview of Blockchain and Internet of Things was delivered to Health Canada in March 2019.

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The future of health IoT in smart cities for supporting healthy aging

Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs put out a call to Ontario researchers for proposals to support and enrich the development of the Master Innovation and Development Plan for Sidewalk Toronto in August 2018. The UbiLab submitted a proposal to Sidewalk Labs to complete a scan of the most promising in-home and in community technologies (IOT/Hardware/Software) related to sustaining health / healthy lifestyles and delivering health care services.

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Audio recognition of activities of daily living using IoT

This project is a collaboration between Ubilab and the University of Technology of Compiegne. The purpose is to monitor the daily living of elderly people by using a commercially available smart home solution.

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Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) comprehends a series of symptoms that affect both storage and voiding phase of micturition. Our goal is to develop and evaluate the use, usability, and clinical value of an app-based uroflowmetry system that patients could potentially take home, enabling flow to be measured noninvasively and more frequently.

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Development of a real-world evidence data infrastructure - the CARE Platform

The UbiLab and the Waterloo Health Information Systems and Technology Lab (WHISTL), in partnership with Roche Canada and the University Health Network (UHN), are developing the CARE Platform (Clinical Analytics for Real-World Evidence). The “CARE” platform will serve as a central hub for researchers that includes integrated and sophisticated data analytics, access control, security and study management tools to curate data for research and clinical purposes.

Dash MD app

Data driven and persuasive design of DashMD

The UbiLab is working with Dash MD on the design and evaluation of their mobile health technology leveraging data-driven design and persuasive design. Dash MD is a mobile platform that is recommended to patients by frontline care providers during their visit to the hospital emergency department.