At the UbiLab you can find state-of-the-art technology for supporting the design, prototyping, and evaluation of wearables, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, mHealth, and eHealth tools.


The UbiLab is being equipped to perform high-quality design of state-of-the-art medical and wellness technology. Our facilities will be equipped with design tools, prototyping tools, and evaluation tools as:

  • iPad Pro, for quick prototyping and sketching.
  • Mac Mini, for performing high-fidelity design of our innovations.
  • Surface Studio,for quickly iterating on design ideas.
  • Usability Testing Lab, for supporting the design of mHealth, eHealth, and wearable technology under development.


Exploring design capabilities and delivering quick and high-quality iterations of our design is one of the pillars at the UbiLab. The software and hardware design at the UbiLab are developed using the following tools:

  • Sketch, a powerful design tool built for Mac that can deliver high fidelity prototypes of mHealth and eHealth tools.
  • InVision, a prototyping and user-testing tool that enables visual static designs to be assembled into clickable prototypes.
  • Sketchbook, a software from Autodesk for sketching, industrial design, and concept design.
  • Adobe Illustrator, a powerful vector-based design tool that enables the UbiLab to deliver high fidelity prototypes.

Projects requiring modelling and big data analytics are developed using the following tools:

  • IBM SPSS and SAS, for statistical analysis for larger datasets.
  • Matlab, for data processing and manipulation.