Postdoctoral research fellowships


Leveraging IoT data for sleep quality monitoring and climate impact analysis to enhance public health outcomes

This Mitacs-funded ( IT18953) postdoctoral fellowship explored IoT-based big data from the Donate Your Data (DYD) initiative by ecobee, a smart thermostat company, to evaluate sleep quality metrics. Sleep quality is critical to human health and well-being, influencing numerous physiological and psychological processes. Traditional methods of sleep data collection often face limitations due to recall bias and subjective interpretation. This research presents a novel framework for objectively measuring and evaluating sleep quality using smart thermostats equipped with motion sensors, offering non-invasive and effortless sleep monitoring. Furthermore, the study examined the USA DYD dataset to assess population-level sleep duration in the USA during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting how public health policies, influenced by political parties' priorities for healthcare systems, affect sleep patterns.

AAL technologies_cropped

Exploring the landscape of standards and guidelines in AgeTech design and development

This Mitacs-funded (IT35141) postdoctoral research fellowship will explore the landscape of standards and guidelines in AgeTech design and development. The supporting partners in this project, The National Research Council of Canada’s (NRC) Aging in Place Challenge Program (AiP), AGE-WELL, the University of Waterloo, and CSA Group, are working collaboratively towards developing an overarching AgeTech Design and Evaluation Framework as a first step towards developing standards for AgeTech design and evaluation. The outputs of this work will include:

(i)   A roadmap to guide development of AgeTech best practice design and evaluation standards,

(ii)  An evidence-informed toolbox to share this knowledge with stakeholders.

Gaps in standards and guidelines will be identified, providing a roadmap for future research and development for researchers, industries and standards developers.

Ethical AAL

Exploring users' perspectives on the ethical implications of AAL technologies use in the continuum of care

This Mitacs-funded (IT24763) postdoctoral research fellowship will further explore ethical, security, and privacy challenges in AAL technology use. The research team will interview users who fit the following recruitment criteria, i.e., they will be selected from the different domains on the continuum of care (home care, independent living, or retirement homes) with the help of expert advisors. The findings from this phase of the project will be used further to validate the findings of our systematic literature review and to help inform, develop, and update the Canadian Standards Association's standards and guidelines on the ethical deployment/implementation of AAL technologies.