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Air pollution is a major global public health challenge responsible for numerous health issues in children. It is responsible for deteriorating environmental conditions with adverse outcomes on people’s health (Sofia, Gioiella, Lotrecchiano, & Giuliano, 2020). Public health experts agree that air pollution aggravates morbidity associated with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases (Katsouyanni et al., 2001; Künzli et al., 2000), and leads to premature mortality (Arden Pope III & Dockery, 2012; Vlachokostas, Achillas, Moussiopoulos, & Banias, 2011).

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The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for rapid implementation of nation-wide public health interventions and access to personal data from the general population for academic and industry research.

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In Public Health, surveillance is defined as the ongoing collection, analysis and dissemination of data to improve population health.

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Big data is changing the way data assessment is done. The challenges in dealing with complex datasets are present throughout the whole data pipeline, especially in the healthcare domain. Technical limitations (e.g.

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Public health surveillance has developed in recent years as technology has progressed to deliver the requirements of such a system. However, there is still room for innovation in the types of technologies that are developed, used, and implemented.

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 Topic 1 - The Active Assisted Living Landscape in Canada Insights for standards, policies, and governance

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Personalized care is the future of health treatment and research. Integrating health and genomic data is the key to unlocking this potential. The UbiLab and the Waterloo Health Information Systems and Technology Lab (WHISTL), in partnership with Roche Canada, are developing the Canadian Personalized Healthcare Innovation Network (CPHIN).

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The Healthy Behaviour Data Challenge explores behavioural patterns to enable remote healthy behaviour monitoring using sensor data from smart-home technology.

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Technologies have become integrated with our lives and smart technologies have become ubiquitous features from monitoring driving behaviours to smart homes to learn personal preferences. These novel technologies will change how we deliver health care, shifting from discrete assessments to continuous streaming of human health insights.

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Waterfront Toronto and Sidewalk Labs put out a call to Ontario researchers for proposals to support and enrich the development of the Master Innovation and Development Plan for Sidewalk Toronto in August 2018. The UbiLab submitted a proposal to Sidewalk Labs to complete a scan of the most promising in-home and in community technologies (IOT/Hardware/Software) related to:

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