Faculty of Mathematics International Elite Awards - India

Award type: 
Entrance scholarships
Award description: 

The Faculty of Mathematics is pleased to offer up to five scholarships to outstanding students entering any of the academic plans offered by the Faculty of Mathematics (excluding Software Engineering and Computing and Financial Management). These scholarships are open to international students from high schools in India who will be paying international tuition fees. The typical candidate will have a distinguished academic standing, especially in mathematics. Candidates will also be expected to demonstrate interest in mathematics or computer science beyond standard course requirements, including activities such as active membership in math or computer science clubs, enriched mathematics studies, employment/voluntary experiences, or hobbies. Participation and achievement in student government, athletics, music, art, etc. are also considered.

Global application forms may be obtained from the Faculty of Mathematics website and candidates must apply by early-February. These scholarships are valued at $40,000 payable in two installments in the first year.

Value description: 
  • up to 5 scholarships valued at $40,000 payable in two instalments in the first year
Eligibility & selection criteria: 
  • Academic performance
  • Demonstrate interest in mathematics or computer science beyond standard course requirements
  • Applicants from high schools in India only
  • Eligible applicants will be asked to submit a supplementary mathematics paper
Mathematics→Business Administration (Laurier) and Computer Science (Waterloo) - Double Degree, Business Administration (Laurier) and Mathematics (Waterloo) - Double Degree, Honours Mathematics, Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management, Computer Science, Mathematics/Business Administration, Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accountancy
International student
Application required?: 
Application details:
  • Complete the Scholarship application
    • go to the Faculty of Mathematics website for further details on application process
    • application is due February 16, 2024
Additional instructions: 

Please email mathinfo@uwaterloo.ca in the Faculty of Mathematics if you have questions about this award.

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