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Join us at the Urbanspace Gallery in Toronto for "Psychology on the Street: Psycho-geographic exploration of urban life". A fantastic opportunity to explore how the urban environment influences our psychology. 

In our laboratory, we study the impact of urban design on human psychology.  We employ a wide variety of methods ranging from field studies of behaviour in urban and architectural settings to the use of immersive virtual reality to test predictions about urban behaviour in simulations.

Our goals are both to contribute to theory in environmental psychology and to develop tools that can be applied to specific problems and issues relating to the psychology of the built environment.  We welcome inquiries from potential students and collaborators both within and outside the academic domain.

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Colin Ellard,

  1. Sep. 3, 2015Psychology on the Street

    From September 5th to November 15th, 2015, the Urban Realities Lab will be hosting an exhibit at the Urbanspace Gallery in Toronto, located at 401 Richmond St. W. "Psychology on the Street: Psychogeographic explorations of urban life" will explore the influence of the urban environment on our psychology. The exhibit features both informative displays at the gallery as well as a fantastic opportunity to learn about our research through guided walks through the city. You can find more information at Psychology on the Street.

  2. Mar. 8, 2011Lab hosts Waterloo Unlimited high school enrichment program

    The lab will be hosting Waterloo Unlimited high school enrichment program on March 16th, as a part of a workshop on virtual reality and design.

  3. Mar. 3, 2011Colin Ellard's talk on TEDx Waterloo

    Colin Ellard presented a talk at the TEDx Waterloo event held at Center in the Square. Additionally, Deltcho Valtchanov and Kevin Barton were present to provide demonstrations of virtual reality as a research tool. Dr. Ellard's talk can be viewed at TEDx Waterloo.

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