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Kevin Barton

Graduate student

My primary research interest centres on the underlying processes and pathologies that can influence our navigation performance,and how errors in performance can

Colin Ellard

Lab director

Colin Ellard is a professor of cognitive neuroscience and the director of its Urban Realities Laboratory, where he studies wayfinding, cognition, and emotion in the built environment.

Emily Grant

Graduate student

I am focused on research that increases knowledge of how natural environments improve the well-being of individuals living in urban environments.

Anna Murynka

Graduate student

For her undergraduate degree at UBC, Anna studied environmental design, a program encompassing architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design.

Hanna Negami

Graduate student

My research is broadly guided by the following question: how do the aesthetics of our immediate environment shape our cognition and behavior?

Jatheesh Srikantharajah

Graduate student

My research focuses on how visual perceptual processes influence the impact of the built environment on people's cognitive and physiological states