Head-mounted display
Virtual reality technology has been around for decades, but it is only now that we are able to create high resolution photo-realistic virtual environments and render them in real-time. Our lab is equipped with some of the newest rendering and display technology available. Apart from this high-end rendering technology, we are also equipped to measure physiological reactions including galvanic skin response, heart rate, direction of gaze, and eye movements.

Our lab currently consists of two dedicated rooms which feature Precision Position Tracking (PPT) camera trackers, tracking computers, rendering computers, two NVIS 60-degree field-of-view high resolution head-mounted-displays (HMD), a Fakespace 150-degree field-of-view HMD, Intersense motion trackers and two 5th Dimension technologies (5-DT) data gloves. One of the NVIS HMDs is also equipped with an Arrington Eye Tracker.

Virtual realities system in the gym

We also have a wireless setup and a portable eight-camera tracking system that can be set up in a large gym-sized space. We are also capable of immersing multiple people into the same environment where they are able to interact with each other.

In the lab we use a wide array of software including Google Sketchup, 3D Studios Max, Vizard, Axwoman, Ajanachara, Depthmap, Open SceneGraph, and Oblivion The Elder Scrolls (TES) Construction Set. Our equipment is also compatible with various rendering engines and toolkits (e.g. Quake).