Get Involved

Research Assistants and Participation in Research

We are always looking for keen, dedicated and hard-working research assistants. With the wide range of interests and techniques used in the lab, research assistantsĀ have the opportunity to develop their own research skills along with an understanding of the relevant theories within the field.

Responsibilities range from running participants, to data organization, to helping with the development of futures experiments. In addition, research assistants often gain hands on experience with the equipment in the lab, including the virtual reality headsets, and various psychophysiological devices. Previous experience is not necessary but a general understanding of psychological research and experimental design is helpful.

Participation in our studies is typically conducted through The University of Waterloo Research Experience Group (REG), and participation is compensated through course credit (if enrolled in applicable Psychology course). In addition, we frequently recruit individuals from the community to participate in our studies for monetary compensation.

If you are interested in getting involved as a research assistant or would like more information about participation in our studies, please feel free to contact Colin Ellard.