Dr. Ellard and Emily Grant featured in 2020 Film "Built Beautiful"

In this 2020 documentary directed by Mariel Rodriguez-McGill and narrated by Martha Stewart, Dr. Ellard and Emily Grant examine the profound impact of architecture on health and the human brain. 

Why Boring Cities Make for Stressed Citizens

In this article published in Aeon Magazine, Dr. Ellard explores the complex relationship between the design of cities, well-being, stress and emotional response. Asking the question: is urban design a matter of public-health?

Learning from Virtual Cities

Virtual reality simulation of Shibuya crossing, Tokyo, Japan

Virtual reality as a tool to design and build better cities. Work conducted by URL alum Deltcho Valtchanov and graduate student, Kevin Barton are discussed.

"Why utopian plans to create friendly cities - where people can 'say hi' or 'hug a stranger' - are doomed to fail"

A look at the shift towards creating friendly urban environments. Dr. Ellard weighs in on the issue in this article by the National Post. 

URL Featured by "Project for Public Spaces"

Research done by the lab was discussed in an article by the Project for Public spaces. The author considers to the role of technology within urban environment. 

"Scientists study how cities can make us happier"

Dr. Ellard discusses the role psychologyg and neuroscience may play in the development of more enjoyable cities in this article on UBMs Future Cities.

"Cities and their psychology: How neuroscience affects urban planning" 

Recently, Dr. Ellard contributed an article to The Guardian discussing the role psychology and neuroscience may play in the urban design process. 

BMW Guggenheim Lab

Participants with mobile devices completing experiment

A discussion off the research conducted by Dr. Ellard in collaboration with the BMW Guggenheim LabExperience of the urban environment was examined in three unique cities; New York City, Berlin and Mumbai!

Gazing at Virtual Nature

Research conducted by lab alum, Deltcho Valtchanov is featured in this fascinating article discussing biophilia. 

Memory and Experience of Place

Results from the "Testing, Testing" research projected conducted in collaboration with the BMW Guggenheim lab suggest that the previous experiences and memories play a significant role in experience of place.

Urban Realities Lab on The Nature of Things 

Dr. Ellard and some of the work done in the lab was recently featured on The Nature of Things.

TEDxWaterloo, Colin Ellard - Getting Lost