Anna Murynka

Graduate student

Anna Murynka
As virtual reality (VR) becomes increasingly accessible, what new experiences will designers create to change our lives for the better?

For her undergraduate degree at UBC, Anna studied environmental design, a program encompassing architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. She went on to apply this design education as a science fiction set designer in the film industry, where she worked on shows like Star Trek Discovery, The Expanse and The Umbrella Academy. Passionate about prototyping future worlds, Anna was drawn to the Urban Realities Lab because of her belief in the power of place.

Fascinated by predictive coding and embodied cognition, Anna is now researching immersive environments as a tool for belief updating. In her research, Anna compares virtual embodiment with imagined embodiment. You can watch a one min video explaining her research here

Originally from Calgary, Anna has lived in Vancouver, Hawaii, Toronto, and now Waterloo.

Twitter: @ahnmur