Water Institute member participating in inaugural W12 Congress

Monday, January 27, 2020

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa - Pixabay

Water Institute member Professor Larry Swatuk, from the Faculty of Environment, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED) is participating this week in the Inaugural W12 Congress, “The First International Meeting of Cities facing Water Challenges”.

The conference, which is being held in Cape Town, South Africa, provides an opportunity for city officials, academics, citizens, and industry leaders to join keynote speakers Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carlos Cosin and Mads Nipper and other experts in sharing insights on challenges, best practices and practical solutions for cities facing water security crises. The event is at capacity with over 200 people registered from more than 25 countries from Denmark to Sudan.

Larry Swatuk
The academic track of the W12 congress  takes place on January 27/28 at The University of the Western Cape, where six “Task Teams”, each made up of local and international academics, water experts and city delegates, will investigate challenges in the following thematic areas related to urban water security: Economics, Natural Science, Technical Science, Civil Society, Social Sciences and Politics. Professor Swatuk will be leading the Politics task team which will also include former Water Institute RBC Fellow Bejoy Thomas of IISER Pune, India. The results of the task team work will largely inform the development of the W12 Framework.

Larry Swatuk, Professor, Faculty of Environment, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development