Frédéric Bouchard

PhD Student


I have 5 years of full-time experience in industry in the field of computing and my team has already won an award of best digital production in 2014. During my career, I obtained a few distinctions through my entrepreneurial involvement, the quality of my school projects and my results. Always looking for challenge, my Master degree at the University of Waterloo was funded by the FRQNT. My research topic was involving the creation of a rule-based system that make a car able to move safely in an uncontrolled environment. The fields of research that interest me are artificial intelligence, combinatorial optimization, numerical analysis, data mining and semi-formal methods.

Academic activities

Teaching Assistant in CS241 - Foundations of Sequential Programs at Spring 2020.

Teaching Assistant in CS445 - Software Requirements and Specification at Fall 2019, and Winter 2020.

Teaching Assistant in CS486 - Artificial Intelligence at Winter 2019, and Spring 2019.

Teaching Assistant in CS246 - Object Oriented Software at Fall 2019.

Teaching Assistant in CS241 - Foundations of Sequential Programs at Spring 2018

Teaching Assistant in CS246 - Object Oriented Software from 2017-2018.

Teaching Assistant in Interactivity Programming from 2013-2014.

Teaching Assistant in Website Design from 2013-2014.