About WatSAFE

Developed with the University's Special Constable Service and the Safety Office, WatSAFE provides quick and convenient access to campus safety and emergency resources, including:

  • emergency contact information;
  • a personal safety toolbox, including flashlight and alarm;
  • safety and emergency resources;
  • campus maps; and much more!

Downloading the WatSAFE app to your mobile device keeps you connected to campus, while the in-app alert and push notification features allow you to stay informed of major campus emergency events -- even when you’re on the go.

Note: If the WatSAFE app has been offloaded from your iOS device, you will not receive Push Notifications. Users must have the app installed to receive Push Notifications.


Questions about privacy and app access to your device? Learn more on the AppArmor website.

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Notifications are no longer available via SMS.