Priority areas

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Guiding principles

Throughout the process of identifying priority areas for the University of Waterloo, the Advisory committee identified the following as vital concepts that apply to all priority areas.  

Interconnected health interventions

Multi-pronged interventions that can be integrated into everyday operations and job descriptions on campus. Promoting wellness has direct benefits for the insititution's core business and student and employee life.

Comprehensive approach

Interventions must consider impacts at the individual, community and systems-level. In addition to developing skills and awareness, environments must be supportive of wellness. This means intervention at a policy- and organizational-level. 

Equity, inclusivity, and diversity

Create a culture of compassion, equity and social justice by grounding our work in health equity and the social determinants of health. Addressing systemic barriers in post-secondary education is crucial.

Universal and Targeted Approaches

Balance universal approaches to wellness, that apply to an entire population, with targeted approaches to wellness, that apply purposeful work and resources to disadvantaged groups. 

To learn more about these guiding principles, go to the Priority area guiding principles page.

Mental wellness

This priority area highlights the importance of mental health literacy, supporting a culture of resilience, and recognizing the need to shift the social norms for help-seeking behaviours.

mental wellness

Spiritual Wellness

This priority area highlights a holistic vision for wellness, in which individuals can find purpose and meaning in life.

spiritual wellness

Sense of belonging

This priority area highlights two important roles that UWaterloo can take to help improve belonging for all individuls on campus: responsive environments/caring community and social connections.

sense of belonging

Supportive environments for active living and healthy eating 

This priority area highlights the importance of creating accessible, sustainable, and equitable programs and policies.

active living and healthy eating

Institutional commitment to wellness at all levels 

This priority highlights the need for leadership commitment with wide-ranging, meaningful engagement and participation across the whole university. 

commitment to wellness at all levels