Projects and initiatives

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One of the goals of the Wellness Collaborative is to work towards establishing the University of Waterloo as a leader in new and innovative health promotion projects, initiatives, research, and learning opportunities here on campus.

This means we are constantly considering how UWaterloo can improve upon its contributions to health and well-being, and we are constantly considering how we can address and fill possible gaps in these contributions. 

With these goals in mind, the Wellness Collaborative has initiated the following projects that everyone at UWaterloo can contribute to and be involved in.

Community engagement

Community Engagement is a series of events that allow all University of Waterloo members and the wider Waterloo community learn about the work of the Wellness Collaborative. While each event has a slightly different focus, they all revolve around increasing awareness of health and wellness-related work across campus and identifying opportunities to collaborate in this work.

The most recent event, focused on the Sense of Belonging priority area. To learn more about this event ,check out the Community engagement page.

Wellness champions

Wellness Champions are individuals, groups, and/or departments that currently embody the Okanagan Charter through their everyday work. Each month, we interview one of these individuals and write a story to celebrate the incredible work they are doing to support wellness in our community.

If you are interested in reading about our Wellness Champions, check out the Wellness champions page.

Community of practice 

The Community of Practice (CoP) brings together relevant partners at the UWaterloo across job descriptions, disciplines, department/units, and affiliated colleges to increase awareness of health and wellness-related work. To learn more about the CoP and how you can get involved, please visit the Community of Practice page.