Institutional commitment to wellness at all levels

people talking outside of FED hall

What does this priority area mean? 

  • In order to integrate health and wellness into the core operations of the University of Waterloo, it requires commitments at all levels of the institution, including our senior our leadership. Effective leadership in health promoting universities is defined as having a balanced approach of :
  • Senior-leadership commitments, where leaders are able to articulate what being a health promotion university means and effectively advocating for this in their role (Newton, Dooris, & Wills, 2016; Dooris, Farrier, & Powell, 2018), and 
  • Wide-ranging, meaningful engagement and participation across the whole university (Dooris, Farrier, & Powell, 2018). This means that everyone has a role to play in supporting wellness at UWaterloo. Future resources will be available that will increase the capacity of our university to engage in this work

Why is this important at UWaterloo? 

  • 57% of employees feel that the University shows care and concern for its employees, Employee Engagement Survey 2019 
  • 42% of graduating year UWaterloo students reported that the university emphasized support for overall wellbeing, National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2017