Universal Design for Learning (UDL) & Wellbeing Community of Practice

Feeling like another term of changes, unknowns, and stressors ahead as an instructor? You are not alone. The Wellness Collaborative, Centre for Teaching Excellence, Centre for Extended Learning, Student Success Office, and fellow instructors have partnered up to critically look at how UDL can (and cannot) support holistic wellbeing in the learning environment. We invite you, instructors and others who support the learning environment, to join us in a Community of Practice (CoP). Upcoming sessions are listed below:

  • November 8, 2023 | Unpacking the “universal” of Universal Design for Learning

For more details about each session, see content below. 

In our inaugural six sessions, we looked at the origins of UDL and practical starting places for implementing UDL practices for wellbeing in your teaching and learning spaces. Now, we would like to take a deeper dive into UDL and Wellbeing, how we can unpack it as a tool for equity and determine how this impacts your implementation of UDL in the classroom, and what it means for the evolution of this community of practice.

We truly value and appreciate the energy around UDL for wellbeing across campus and therefore, want to continue to emphasize the community aspect of this group. This is a space where folks can bring their own examples of how they are already using UDL, or ideas that did not work as you had intended. By doing this, we can continue to work together on what UDL may (or may not) have to offer.

Please join us wherever you are on your journey.

The CoP will be hosted virtually through Microsoft Teams and members can access resources
and support asynchronously.

To get involved in the CoP, please complete this brief Qualtrics survey.  

We look forward to connecting with you!

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